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I’m sorry this probably makes me a pervert but…

Kurt you lucky bastard

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For Klaine Week Day 3 if anyone could write the missing moment of what happenened after Kurt and and Blaine walked off together in the hallway in ‘On My Way’ then I will be forever happy.

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So I was riding the bus today…

And I see this adorable baby who’s physical features perfectly match what’s in my head when I think of Kurt and Blaine’s baby.

I think it’s a sign I need to write this fic :3

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Should I write my Daddy!Klaine fic?

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now, been going over it a million times in my head and I believe it can be a good story, I’ve written fanfics before so I’m no noob. But if I wrote this, would you read it? Is Daddy!Klaine even popular?(I personally love it)

And to my friends/followers who don’t watch Glee and think my Klaine obsession is silly…would you promise not to judge me? ^__^””

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